Suomisport information

On this page you will find Quick instructions for getting started with Suomisport.

From the beginning of 2024, Mukwan Jyväskylä has started to use Suomisport app for managing the Club's payments and for signing up for classes. Every attendee must create a Suomisport account and join their own training group (e.g. MiniKids&Juniors, Adults and Teenagers, Beginner courses). In addition, you can join the club membership!

This instruction is intended for current members of the club. New hobbyist - first contact the club coordinator ( The beginner courses and registration instructions for 2024 will be announced separately later. Those who continue their hobby from the beginner courses are automatically transferred to their own training groups after the course ends.

1. Download Suomisport app and create your own Sportti-account

1. Log in to the service at under "Log in" or download Suomisport's mobile app from your app store.
2. Order a one-time login code to your email or text message to your phone.
3. Enter the code in the login window.
4. An account creation page will open for you. Fill in the personal information requested on the page. When registering, you will be asked for a personal identification number. It is only used during the registration phase as a means of identification.
At the bottom of the page, click the Create account button.
5. After creating an account, the service verifies the email address/phone number you provided at the beginning by sending a code to it. Enter the code you received in the number field on the screen and click Verify.
6. Get ready and you will be directed to your own Sportti- account!
+See the instructional video for creating an account (in Finnish)

Guardian: this way you can manage your child's hobbies:

1.Log in to the service at under "Log in" or open Suomisport's mobile application. If you don't have a Sporttitil yet, register as a user at the same address or download the app from your app store.
-You will be directed to your own Sporttit account.
-There is a menu next to your name in the upper right corner of the browser.
-Open the menu and click on Add dependent.
-Fill in the details of your dependent.
-It is also possible to add another guardian to the dependent. The second custody link can be made independently by the guardian who made the first link, or the link can be made through Suomisport's customer service. Request to add a guardian to Suomisport's customer service at The message must state the Sportti-IDs of the guardian and dependent to be added.
2. Join the right training group

Join your own training group via the invitation link:

Adults and over 14 years olds
Minis & Juniors*
Beginner courses: Information will be provided separately.
*Guardian: After clicking on the invitation link of the training group, select your child to join.

In your training group you can see upcoming classes, you can sign up for classes and you can see messages from instructors. You can also conveniently pay training fees in the Suomisport application. Enjoy training!

+Would you be a new member to Mukwan? Join the club!

Join the happy crowd of Mukwan people and become a member of the club! The annual membership fee is €25, and with the membership fee you support the club's activities. As a member, you can participate in the club's decision-making and participate in the club's events either for free or at a lower price than others. The club's own events are e.g. the end of season party, Mukwan goes Sledding and the Mukwan Cup. The club runs on a volunteer basis, and club activities offer fun things to do together in addition to training. Would you perhaps be involved in ideating and implementing Mukwan's next joint event?

You can become a Mukwan member by clicking on the membership request link below. By becoming a member, you accept the rules of the club (in Finnish).

Link to membership request:

The annual membership fee is paid at Suomisport. When your membership request has been processed, the membership fee of €25 will automatically appear in Suomisport under Open payments. We no longer send invoices.

Did you have any problems?

In case of problems, you can ask the club coordinator for advice ( or ask help from the instructors at classes. You can also get help with technical challenges from Suomisport's customer service: