Taekwondo for teenagers and adults

Taekwondo provides teenagers and adults alike with an excellent form of physical exercise, a way to escape from the daily grind and an opportunity to challenge themselves in sports. At Mukwan, everyone can choose for themselves how to train taekwondo – as a fun hobby, a target-oriented exercise routine or a top competitive sport.

Achieving the next belt grade takes some perseverance and hard training; however, everyone will proceed at their own pace. You can train once a week or turn up for every single session – it’s up to you. There are extra training sessions available for those interested in competition or demonstrations.

After completing the basic course, you will join the training group for everyone aged 15 years or older. The Mukwan instructors plan the training sessions to accommodate everyone. The techniques rehearsed or the level of physical intensity of the training may vary from one individual to another within a single session depending on each student’s skill level or physical fitness. In addition, we regularly organize special training sessions for senior colored belt students.

We want to encourage everyone to keep on exercising – age is no hindrance to training taekwondo!

Toddlers to grandparents – Mukwan has classes for everyone!

Members of the Mukwan Jyväskylä taekwondo club
Three big smiles: Simo, Luca and Antti from the Mukwan Jyväskylä taekwondo club. Photo: Jenny Tiihonen.