Some Dos and Don’ts for taekwondo class

Mukwan Jyväskylä aims to provide a training environment that enables you and everyone else to get an intensive workout – and have a bit of fun on the side! These general instructions help us to achieve just that.

  • Be there early – that way, you’ll have enough time to prepare for the class.

  • You’ll need a taekwondo uniform or other suitable sportswear, your training card and a sealable bottle full of water or your favorite sports drink. Bringing your own kicking target, body protector and other protective gear is highly recommended.

  • Take care of your personal hygiene. Keep your fingernails and toenails short and clean.

  • Tie long hair back or up and remove any jewelry.

  • It’s a good idea to start your own warm-up routine immediately after entering the training hall. Riding your bike or taking a walk to the training venue is an excellent way to get your legs warmed up! A thorough warm-up enables you to get the maximum benefit from the training while simultaneously decreasing the risk of injury.

  • Remember to wash your taekwondo uniform regularly; ideally, throw it in the laundry after each training session.

  • Do not leave any valuables (your wallet, phone, etc.) or your clothes in the locker room. Instead, pack them in your bag, take the bag with you to the training hall and place it against the wall.

  • Always concentrate on the training at hand and pay attention to the instructor at all times! This way, you can help everyone to have a safe training session.
  • Try to do your best every time you train, and encourage others to do their best as well.
  • And last, the most important bit of advice: Always train hard, but keep a smile on your face!

Be aware that as a practitioner of taekwondo you have certain responsibilities; never bully anyone, and never misuse taekwondo techniques.

Pictured: Maria Heikkinen.