Taekwondo – the way of foot and fist

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and sport with a technical curriculum mainly consisting of blocks, punches and kicks. However, taekwondo’s underlying philosophy is aimed to provide the students with more than just fighting skills.

The goal and purpose of the training is to improve the overall quality of life of the practitioner through physical as well as mental exercise. This is reflected in the name of the art, which is a combination of three Korean words: “tae” (foot), “kwon” (fist) and “do” (way of life). Over the recent decades, taekwondo has also evolved into a martial sport enjoying immense popularity on a global scale – and become an Olympic event.

A versatile form of exercise and a top-level sport, taekwondo improves the practitioner’s physical fitness, coordination, mobility and motor skills. In addition to technical skills, taekwondo training teaches the practitioners to respect other people and observe good manners.

At Mukwan, everyone can choose for themselves how to train taekwondo – as a fun hobby, a target-oriented exercise routine or a top competitive sport.

Maria Heikkinen performs a side kick.
Taekwondo is famous for its spectacular, hard-hitting high kicks. Pictured: Maria Heikkinen performing a side kick.