New at Mukwan: a Fitness Taekwondo class twice a week

Mukwan launches a Fitness Taekwondo class! If you’re interested in doing actual taekwondo drills as a fitness exercise but are not so interested in getting more deeply involved with the sport, this is for you.

Our Fitness Taekwondo class is open to anyone aged 15 years or older. We employ taekwondo basics and other drills to develop the students’ cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, motor skills, and mobility. Optional challenges in various forms of safe sparring exercises are available for everyone. You only need normal, everyday sportswear and equipment in the class; no uniform or protective gear is required.

Mukwan continues to offer classic taekwondo classes for different age groups. All members of the teenager and adult class (15 years and older) are entitled to take part in the Fitness Taekwondo training sessions without extra charge. In other words, the Fitness Taekwondo class provides an excellent additional opportunity for instructed training!

The Fitness Taekwondo class meets twice a week. The duration of actual training is one hour, followed by an optional half-hour sparring session. This makes the Fitness Taekwondo class ideal for any member of Mukwan’s classic taekwondo class interested in sparring – as a competitive sport or just as a hobby.

You are free to change classes from Fitness Taekwondo to classic taekwondo at any time. In the future, all new teenager and adult students (15 years and older) will be introduced to Mukwan through the Fitness Taekwondo class. You can join our Fitness Taekwondo class at any time; we have no separate basic courses for teenagers and adults. Please familiarize yourself with Mukwan's training and membership fees (in Finnish) – and do ensure that your sports and leisure insurance policy provides you with sufficient coverage.

Check out the training schedule and join us for a great workout!