Tips for taekwondo newbies

A few tips for taekwondo beginners

  • It doesn’t matter what gender or how old you are, or what your level of physical fitness or mobility is – you can always start taekwondo. Mukwan regularly offers basic courses in taekwondo. Why not take the next one?

  • At the basic course, a t-shirt and sweatsuit pants will make for an excellent training uniform.

  • As we train barefoot, you won’t need any training shoes.

  • During training sessions, we observe some basic Korean conventions. You’ll get used to them in no time.

  • The basic course concludes with a grading test, in which the trainees get the opportunity to show what they have learned so far.

  • You can purchase a taekwondo uniform (dobok) through a pooled order organized by us, or you can just go and buy one yourself. In any case, you should get the uniform in time to wear it in your first grading test.

  • You can get more taekwondo equipment and protectors after you have completed the basic course.

  • Even if we do not currently have an basic course available to you, or if the course is already underway, we accept new students at any time as possible. Just go ahead and contact our instructors!

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Photo: Jenny Tiihonen.